Welcome to MAP-it

Find out more about mapping techniques and share your experiences!

Welcome to the MAP-it website – a place to find out more about mapping techniques and share your experiences!

MAP-it is a hands-on tool used to plan, analyse and reconstruct past and future projects and spaces. It is a method to visualise a process in space and time, in a low-tech, open and flexible manner. It can be used in various situations, such as brainstormings, debriefings, interviews...

In order to better understand how MAP-it works, we explain it all here. You can also check out a series of examples in our mapping reports section.

Once you've seen how it all works, why not try it for yourself? Follow these steps to create your own mapping sessions. And if you do, be nice and share your mapping story with us.

We would love to receive some feedback/hear from you. Do you have any questions, suggestions or want to find web out more about us and our other projects? Contact us.


A participatory mapping toolkit

The package includes:
• a booklet (64 pages) with a theoretical introduction and a practical manual
• a mapping kit with 8 printable sticker sheets, an sample scenario and 2 example maps

Price: € 25 [Order]