About MAP-it

MAP-it is a tool for participatory cartography and conversation. It's a low-tech mapping tool that allows you to debrief past projects, manage current ones and plan future activities. It´s a hands-on tool, an open and extendible set of icons that allows participants to make their thoughts explicit in a visual way, in the form of a map. The visual character of mapping allows participants from different backgrounds to discuss projects on equal grounds. Moreover, the mapping´s structure encourages to not only share positive experiences, but also leads to critique and debate. Communication is opened up and details come to surface using the various MAP-it elements.

What you can do with MAP-it

• Collect new ideas
• Analyse projects and spaces
• Understand each other
• Reflect upon current practices
• Create a constructive friction between participants
• Evaluate projects
• Have in-depth discussions
• Plan future projects
• Visualise complex project structures
• Find a common language between disciplines
• Engage stakeholders in the process
• Co-create new ideas


A MAP-it kit consists of a large mapping background and one or more sticker sheets for each participant. The stickers are placed on the background through a group discussion process.


Maximum 7 participants gather around 1 table, guided by a moderator. If there are more than 7 participants, they are devided between several tables. In this way, the threshold for conversation is kept low for all.


The moderator guides the participants through a well-timed mapping scenario, where each stage asks for a specific set of sticker icons. This ensures a successful outcome of the workshop.

It's open

The MAP-it system is open and structured at the same time. Participants are free to adapt, modify and add to the toolkit during the workshop. Be ready for the unexpected!

Modify to your needs

Several types of MAP-it kits and icons are a vailable on this website. Choose a set and use our online editing tool to modify the kit to your research question. You can download the kit as a convient PDF-file.

Don’t play it too nice

There are several types of icons. People, things and their relations. To make the mapping both interesting and playful we added risk icons, which are designed to create constructive friction. 

More than 7 participants?

When a group finishes its map, a presenter is chosen to present the map to the other group(s). The icons of each group are printed in another colour, allowing for visual discussion across tables.

Share widely

This website allows you to share your icons and custom MAP-(k)its under several types of licences. You can also write a mapping report and tell your fellow-mappers about your experiences.