Mapping Report

Mapping a Euregional platform for fashion at i_beta/event 2011 by katriendreessen

Used kit:

Project: Open Garments
Organisation: Social Spaces & Fashion clash
Moderator: Niels Hendriks, Ben Hagenaars, Selina Schepers & Katrien Dreessen
Date: 13/05/2011

On friday 13th of May 2011, research group Social Spaces together with Fashionclash organized a mapping session at the i_beta/event 2011 in Heerlen, the Netherlands. The participants, coming from various disciplines, were asked to visualize a Euregional platform for fashion.

Together, they discussed what the aims of such platform could be, what key values it would represent, which (collaboration of) people would be essential to keep the platform active and whether there would be an online and an offline counterpart.

The mapping started with a brief introduction of MAP-it and an introduction of the research question: How would you imagine a future Euregional platform on fashion?

The participants of the three groups, guided by a moderator, first chose individually 3 values that they found important for this future Euregional platform on fashion. Afterwards, these values were discussed in group and 3 communual values were chosen and places on the map (compass).

In the next phase each group selected a number of key persons and key objects (knowledge, spaces and tools) and placed them on the background map. In the last 10 minutes, the group secured the most important items, using a lock sticker. 

In the second phase, a presenter (and the background map) of each group switched tables with another group, explaining to the others what they discussed and mapped. Afterwards, the members of the other group places bombs and likes on the items they didn't like or liked. This table switch was repeated for a second time, so that all participants could give feedback on each others ideas.

The mapping was concluded with a short presentation of each map, summarising the most important points.