Mapping Kits

A Mapping Kit is a collection of a scenario and sticker sheets with icons that can be used for a mapping workshop. You can modify and download Mapping Kits, or create a new one from scratch. To save your changes you need to create a user account.

Featured Kits

BaBel2 - Critical Living by toyfoo

This MAP-it kit allows you to analyse 2 separate social/spatial contexts, and bridge their differences with projects.

Other Kits

Route 10+ by toyfoo

This kit allows you to look at how kids use the urban space: how they use it, hack it and build in it - so we can imagine projects to improve their situation. (collaboration with JES/JOTA)

BaBel 2@ Forte Prenestino by toyfoo

This mapping kit allows you to find different ways a project can be taken out of its starting environment and expanded to adjacent areas.

MAP-it European Quarter by toyfoo

This mapping kit allows you to analyse an urban space and come up with small initiatives to tackle the urban issues of that space.

zorgdillema beleving en gedrag by groep2

oudere zorg bij Turkse en Marokkaanse ouderen